Choose your battles, as experts say. This is also the same when you have stains on your new white carpet. You have to make sure that you know what you are doing and you are not just plainly scrubbing it because this might cause the stain to spread out and make it look like somebody murdered someone on your house which is not attractive at all.

And if you have pets, you do not want people or visitors to see that you are not capable of cleaning their wastes because there are visible stains that are very obvious to the naked eye. Also, any experts out there in the world would really recommend you to do the same in your home; keep everything clean.


We are about to show you some secrets on how you can get rid of different stains on your carpet. Read slowly and understand each secret so that you can apply the methods when you need it badly for your carpet.

YOU MUST CLEAN THE MESS IMMEDIATELY. There is nothing more to do but to act on it immediately do not wait a day or two before you clean the mess up because it will let the stain settle into the fibers in your carpet therefore, you will not be able to remove it any longer.

DO BLOTTING THAN SCRUBBING. Avoid scrubbing because this will mess the stain more and it will stain up other parts of your carpet. Instead of scrubbing, blot the stain so that it will not spread to other parts and for the stain to absorb into the clean paper towel you have or a cloth/rug.

LESS IS MORE. Do not use too much cleaning product on your carpet. It is very true that less is more because cleaners especially those that are not organic has chemical that will make the fibers in your carpet brittle thus it will shorten the lifespan of your carpet and you would not want that to happen.

LET IT DRY. After cleaning, make sure that you let your carpet dry by blotting a towel on the parts that are wet from the cleaning you just made. If you do not let your carpet dry completely, then molds and other gross stuff can live and inhabit your carpet which will not be safe for your health especially to the kids who are going to spend a lot of their time lying, playing, rolling, face planting, eating and other activities they can do in the carpet.

When they are not sleeping on the sofa or in their bedrooms, for sure they are on your carpet and doing their own thing so it is right and just for you to keep the cleanliness of your carpet in an optimum level to avoid bad things from happening, for example, causing illness to the kids and to you. As a parent, you cannot be sick because you are the strength of your family so you have to mind your health too and keeping your carpet clean is a good way to start.